Mobel Elevate White 1500 Electric Shared Desk (650 - 1250mm)


Standing up at work is more than just a trend - it is also a healthier option. Sit-stand desk systems are becoming more and more popular in offices, and for good reason.

Elevate user height adjustable desks allow you to sit or stand by the flick of the switch. Easily switch between seated and standing positions over the course of the working day.

  • Dimensions (mm): 1500w x 800d.
  • Sit/stand vertical adjustment range of 650~1250mm 
  • Commercial grade 25mm top scallop edge for cable management
  • Strong, durable, retractable steel frame. 
  • Available in a white or black frame with a white or oak top.
  • Large levelling feet provide stability. 
  • Assembly required. Drill required for assembly.
  • Additional cable snake available for purchase. 
  • 100kg weight limit.
  • 10 year warranty. 

Advantages of height adjustable desks:

  • More energy and focus - standing keeps your blood flowing and mind more alert.
  • Improved health - standing opens your internal organs, allowing everything to move. Sitting cramps your gut and slows things down.
  • Posture and core strength - standing and maintaining good posture adds to the strength of your core, resulting in less soreness in the back and tailbone compared to sitting for 8-10 hours a day.
  • Increased fat burning - when we sit, our fat burning enzymes start to shut down. You burn 60 more calories an hour when standing vs sitting. 

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