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Staffroom Shake Up: How Supporting Staff is Part of Modern Learning

When shifting schools towards a modern learning environment, the classroom is undoubtedly a central focus. But there’s an important element to the evolution of education that doesn’t get as much attention: the staffroom.

At Scholar Furniture, we understand that to support NZ teachers as they transform the face of education, their staffrooms need updating too. Here’s how we’re helping shake up the staffroom to reflect a modern approach to learning.

The Importance of a Staffroom

Staffrooms are spaces just for teachers and support staff. They offer a place to take a break and eat lunch, collaborate with others and reflect on the successes and challenges in the classroom. Not unlike a break room in other workplaces, this space should cater to a variety of needs and personalities. The staffroom is a big part of teachers’ wellbeing, comradery and community.

Encourage Collaboration

In the classroom, teachers often work alone as they guide students towards discovery. The school staffroom is an opportunity to bring teachers and support staff together so they can brainstorm and share ideas, debate and problem solve. Innovative school staffroom furniture encourages collaboration, creating space for leadership, mentorship and professional development.

Areas to Reflect

Working together is important, but this should be balanced by offering room for quiet reflection and independent planning. By including quiet corners with quality desks, workstations and one-seater couches, the room will be inclusive of staff who need some time for introspection.


Principles of ergonomics are taking hold in offices across New Zealand, with height adjustable desks, ergonomically-designed chairs and flexible furniture becoming the norm. As we update our school staffrooms, we have the opportunity to support our teachers’ health and wellbeing in the same manner.

Extra Little Touches

Quality school furniture and innovative design layouts can transform a staffroom, but don’t overlook the value of extra little touches. From planter boxes to artwork, staff indicator boards to coffee stations, these thoughtful additions show staff appreciation and help people feel comfortable and at ease.

Happy Teacher, Happy Student

Staffrooms should be vibrant, colourful and dynamic, just like the classroom. School staffrooms and offices are where teachers plan their lessons, discuss the curriculum and overcome challenges. Modernising these rooms affects more than just the teachers themselves – it will have a domino effect in the classroom, the home and the community.

If you’re ready to replace a staffroom’s worn couches and dusty bookshelves with modern, innovative staffroom furniture, Scholar Furniture can help.
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