Finland's School Design

Finland's school of the future has opened

In the city of Espoo, Finland, a school of the future has emerged. 

Rather than looking like a traditional school, it is quite spectacular with the look of a modern art museum. Plenty of light, space and windows to the outside world are a key element of the building's design.

Included in the building is a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, theatre, youth club, gym, library, cafeteria plus much more.

Teaching is designed to take place in a relaxed atmosphere, with students having the choice to sit where they wish, in whatever position they desire. They are encouraged by teachers to engage in discussion all the time. Most learning is centered around team work and group projects. Teachers and pupils meet in the cafeteria to further learning through socialisation.

Architects designed this building with an open plan in mind and have carefully connected open spaces with internal hallways. Natural light is prominent with large windows that face onto the street which also help students feel connected with the outside world, encouraging them to expand their thinking and ideas.

Read more about this incredible school here.


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